Rayner (pfy) wrote,

Free computers!

I 'm clearing out as much stuff as possible, because it looks like I'll need to move house soon. This means the following workstations and PC bits are all free to a good home:
  • Asus A7A133 motherboard with 1GHz Duron processor (with heatsink and fan). I can also give you a couple of PC133 memory sticks for this if you like.
  • 1.7GHz Celeron processor and motherboard. Needs a CMOS battery and a CPU fan, and is therefore untested. Has onboard sound and Ethernet. Comes in a mini tower case.
  • Matched pair of 1.7GHz Xeon processors (http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=27262). They're in a motherboard and tower case, but since it's some weird Dell server I'm not sure how much use it is.
  • About 50 floppies, with and without various bits of software on them. Relive the baffling mid-90s obsession with installing poorly-drawn novelty icons for your desktop.
  • Internal SCSI CD-ROM drive.
  • SGI Indy with 17" monitor. Needs a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse, which I can probably supply if necessary. Currently running some old version of Debian Linux, I think.
  • Two DEC 3000 workstations. Half a gig of RAM each (which was jaw-droppingly impressive for 1993). No monitor, but will work fine with a serial console. Will run NetBSD fine, but Linux hadn't been ported to these things last time I checked. One has some sort of tape drive, the other has a caddy-style CD-ROM drive. I can provide tray-style CD-ROM drives that should work with these. I also have a PDF manual for them somewhere.
  • VT420 terminal. White phosphor. Could be a nice retro interface for one of the above DEC workstations! Has a cable to connect it to a standard 9-pin serial port.
  • External 5.25" floppy drive with SCSI connector.
  • External SCSI CD-ROM drive (untested).

All of them worked when last powered up, unless otherwise stated. Please offer them a home! This entry was originally posted at http://pfy.dreamwidth.org/2802.html. You can comment there under your LiveJournal name by using OpenID ( comments so far).
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