Rayner (pfy) wrote,

FAO London people: free glass

EDIT: all claimed or dumped now, sorry.

Does anyone want any old window glass (e.g. for sheds, cold frames, etc)? We are getting new windows fitted, and the old ones will go to the dump if not claimed. There are some large complete panes (2-3 feet on each side), and a few smaller ones still in frames. Please let me know soon if I should save you some!

Panes removed so far are (approximately):
16" x 38" (x2)
30" x 38"
20" x 44"
36.5" x 44"

The smaller panes are from the openable bits at the tops of windows, and have therefore just been prised off in their frames. There are 6 so far, all about 12" high and 1.5 to 3 feet wide. One is frosted glass.

More will appear over the next couple of days, as the rest of the house gets done.
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