Rayner (pfy) wrote,

Another computer clearout

I have the following computers, laptops, networking gear, and parts to give away, because I desperately need the space. They're all yours if you want 'em. If not, they go on Freecycle.
  • Tower PC. Intel Celeron 333 MHz processor. 128Mb RAM. 1 Gb hard drive. Tekram P6PRO-A5 motherboard. S3 ViRGE 4Mb video card. CD-ROM and floppy drives. Adaptec AHA-2490UW SCSI adapter.
  • Scanner (Primax Colorado Direct 9600) with driver/software CD and cable. Worked OK when I had Windows 98, but haven't had much luck with it under XP.
  • Two Netgear N524 network hubs. 24 ports, 10baseT Ethernet. Believed working, but not tested.
  • Intel AnyPoint 3240 DSL modem. USB connector. No cables, unknown whether it works.
  • Dell PowerEdge Scalable Disk System 100 (SDS100). Some kind of RAID disk array. Contains six disk trays with 9Gb SCSI disks (but has empty spaces for another two). I don't have the software for it, so out it goes. Warning - this thing is heavy, I don't recommend moving it on foot!
  • Laptop, Dell Inspiron 3000. Pentium 200MMX, 64Mb RAM, 2.1Gb hard drive. 800x600 SVGA TFT display, floppy drive, one USB port. Currently running Damn Small Linux. It seems to keep forgetting the BIOS settings, so the CMOS battery might need replacing.
  • Laptop, Dell Inspiron 3200. Pentium 266MMX, 64Mb RAM, 4.1Gb hard drive. 800x600 XGA display, floppy drive, one USB port. This one probably also needs a new CMOS battery.
  • Laptop, Dell Inspiron 3200. Pentium 266MMX, 208Mb RAM, 4.8Gb hard drive. 800x600 XGA display, floppy drive, one USB port. Might actually have a working CMOS battery. Running Kubuntu Linux, but I don't have the password.
  • CD-ROM drive for the above Inspiron laptops. Slots in in place of the floppy drive.
  • Some kind of audio cable, 5-pin female DIN to 2 male RCA.
  • CD-ROM audio cable (4-pin flat connector at each end)
  • Broken 386 laptop. Screen is cracked, battery is dead, floppy drive doesn't work. If you connected an external monitor and keyboard, you'd have a really ancient and slow PC. It dual-boots DOS and some ancient version of SuSE Linux. If you can use it for anything, it's all yours.
Leave me a comment if you want any of them!
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